I had an idea a few months back that I wanted to build a site that fitted into a particular niche and (I hope) provides a little value to the design and development community. It’s a little side project Chad and I worked on in our (very limited) free time.

StartSoon is a tiny job board for urgent roles.

It’s free and only displays jobs for 7 days.

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The aim is purely to provide a place where where anyone who’s perhaps won an unexpected bit of work and needs a freelancer to start right away or an agency needing a new hire to help out on something that’s had a deadline pushed forward or god forbid, someone is off ill for an extended period.

Nothing complicated, a simple front and back end and completely free to post as many jobs as you need help for.

It’s been a few months in the making due to our busy schedules but it’s nice to see it up online and I’d love to hear any feedback and hope it’s something you can bookmark and make use of sometime.

Massive thanks to Chad Tomkiss (@ChadTomkiss) who was behind all the development of the site. It’s been great working with him and if you do need a developer, be sure to tap him up.

The site is currently an early release and we have lots of other features in mind but we felt it was long overdue to launch a working site and we’ll add to over time.

James Young

Written by James Young

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