I figured a chance to meet up with and hear a talk by Andy Clarke and a ticket that cost exactly nothing was probably too good an opportunity to miss. After having been on his Unfinished Biz podcast recently it was nice to finally meet in person.

Andy Clarke

Andy put on a talk aimed primarily at developers to give them a feel for some of his design processes and how his Stuff & Nonsense team work together with their clients but to be honest, as a designer it was also a really nice refresher on some of the things I’ve taken for granted over the years and contained a lot of useful advice on typography and how to make the most of it at a multitude of screen sizes. Stuff I take for granted daily but actually when I thought about it, I’m often guilty of “set and forget” on some elements.

I’ve thought for some time responsive design will mean an ever increasing focus on typography¬†and it was helpful hearing a wide range of tips and tricks, not to mention learning about the varying uses of em dashes and the like. It also reminded me I should probably step back a little and remember the little details often make a project. Something that’s easily forgotten in this current design environment of automating as much as possible.

If you want to check out the slides “Take your stinking paws off my design you damn dirty developers” you can, and if you’re able to get to Manchester sometime, check out @Mcr_FRED (ticket/news mailing list).

James Young

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