Lots of people write about enjoying their work, their job or their clients and I’ve seen countless tweets about how excited people are to kick off a new project but it’s also clear from my timeline there’s also a lot of talented designers and developers who despite being comfortable day to day in their work don’t release enough code or write blog posts because they’re worried about what others will say.

I’d like to tell you that whether I agree with your opinion or whether I might or might not find that code sample you’ve released useful, I do appreciate the effort you’ve made to share it.

Releasing things is tough, there’s always an “expert” around the corner waiting to try and tear down your efforts but ignore them. Write or build for yourself first. You’re the one doing us a favour adding to the collective resource pool. If your work isn’t the best, or there’s an error, well you can improve. It’s not the end of the world.

I personally have held back on sharing more ideas this year for fear of people opening web inspectors purely with intent to publicly criticise rather than opening them to learn or provide valuable feedback.

It saddens me to see that talented people hold back on releasing stuff simply because of a fear of the reaction of others.

I expect a designer or a developer to be confident in what they do. After all, you would have to be when selling your ideas to a client so be confident putting your own work out there too. Please.

It always blows me away when I look at the stats for this blog and see that more than 3 people visit it but there was a time when literally 3 people did used to visit. I still wrote posts because I found it easiest to write for me first then only by hitting publish does that output head off into the big bad world.

If you’re not sure about something, you’re about to share, do it for yourself first. If you get knocked back, keep going anyway. It’s not supposed to be entirely smooth ride but once you learn to ignore the trolls and separate the angry know-nothings from those who can offer constructive feedback whether good or bad, you’ll be back on track.

If you don’t back yourself first, you can’t expect anyone else to.

James Young

Written by James Young

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