It’s always tough staying up to date with the latest design and development news and resources and with the web moving at such an incredible pace with new and interesting things happening all the time I thought it might be good to share a list of the blogs I regularly frequent and read via their RSS feeds. Some you will all no doubt be familiar with, hopefully there are some that you might not have seen before and prove useful!

If you can suggest any others you feel are of interest, please feel free to add into the comments below.

1. Smashing Magazine

The daddy of all blogs, regular updates of content covering a vast range of topics from css to photography technique. Vist the site | RSS feed

2. FormFourtyFive

Updated daily with wide range range of inspirational design work from around the world. Visit the site | RSS Feed

3. Freelance Folder

A very specific site for freelancers offering sound advice on a range of common issues face by freelancers. Visit the site | RSS Feed

4. Freelance Switch

Much like freelance folder, freelance switch offers a wide range of advice and resources (along with a jobs board) for freelancers around the world. Visit the site | RSS Feed

5. Designshack

A fantastic gallery resource showcasing the best designs along with a sporadically updated blog with useful CSS postings. Visit the site | RSS Feed

6. Web Developer Plus

A resource site primarily covering CSS, jQuery and PHP with regular tutorials and downloads. Visit the site | RSS Feed

7. Web Designer Wall

A regularly updated showcase and technique site which spends a great deal of time and effort in writing their very comprehensive posts. Visit the site | RSS Feed

8. Noupe

One of the best showcase blogs around featuring great tips and tutorials primarily covering CSS and Ajax. Visit the site | RSS Feed

9. CSS Tricks

Chris Coyier is widely recognised as an authority on the finer points of CSS and front end design, his blog entries reflect a wide range of topics. Visit the site | RSS Feed

10. Johnson Banks – Thought for the week

Thought for the week is a regular posting-place for the visual and verbal observations of London design consultancy johnson banks. Visit the site | RSS Feed

11. Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a weblog that provides practical, useful information for the modern, standards-compliant web designer and web developer. Visit the site | RSS Feed

12. Creative Agency Freelancing

Resources for people freelancing and contracting at creative businesses. Visit the site | RSS Feed

13. Mark Boulton

Mark is a widely respected designer from Cardiff and his blog contains some interesting, if sporadically updated, thoughts on design. Visit the site | RSS Feed

14. Web Design Ledger

Covering a wide range of web design and development topics with regularly written, very detailled articles. Visit the site | RSS Feed

15. Function

Function is an agency who maintain a well thought out and nicely designed blog covering a range of subjects including WordPress development. Visit the site | RSS Feed

16. Aaron Russell

Aaron is a freelance multimedia designer who specialises in front end development and writes a range of articles about design. Visit the site | RSS Feed

Additional goodness

Don’t forgot my earlier post about blogging freelancers which almost certainly contains some blogs you won’t have read before!

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