It’s nothing personal, I’ve just decided to take the simple step of hiding the who to follow panel until Twitter can at least make it a bit smarter.

Twitter who to follow panel
I’ve given it a fair go since it was rolled out but I find it’s a strangely frustrating experience being told to follow the same people over and over again despite dismissing the suggestions again and again so while I wait for @twitter to get some of the logic working a little more smoothly, I’m hiding it.

If you’re picky enough like me and want to do the same, it’s easy.

User styles in your browser

It’s pretty straightforward if you just add a bit of user specific CSS to your browser – instructions for most browsers here and if you’re on Firefox, better follow this one instead.

When you create / edit your user styles for your chosen browser, just add in the following:

/* Hide annoying Twitter recommended users panel */
#recommended_users {
 display: none;

Presto, the panel is hidden, if you want it back, just remove the CSS you set above. You’ll need to close your browser down and re-open it to see the changes.

Want something a bit quicker? Check out @SebastienPage’s solution

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