It’s just a number

Lots of people say “I could never run a 5k race” but whatever the distance, you can probably do it – you just need to be positive.

As I’ve no doubt bored many folks over the last few months with assorted shares of Endomondo runs and parkrun progress tweets, I thought I’d share something I’ve noticed that I too had to overcome when I first started running.

The fear of a particular distance.

When I’ve seen people starting out on a C25K it’s often the seemingly unattainable 5km distance or if (as in my casetrained for a marathon then the 42km distance is incredibly intimidating but in reality it’s only a number and you can do it if you set your mind to it.

Don’t approach running thinking you’d never be able to run a 5k/10k/half marathon etc otherwise you’ll always have an extra step to get over before you even start. You can run that distance, whether it’s sooner or later – you’ve just got to know you can.


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