In the spirit of reiterating something I think is blindly obvious but might not be to everyone, I am once again having to tell myself to set aside some time to actually set up and get to grips with SASS. Something I’ve dismally failed to do since I first promised to back in February.

While I’m actually pretty happy with my own workflow and how it fits in with the rest of the team at Offroadcode, I sometimes worry about being passed a project from another agency or us winning a new client who’s using technology/techniques I don’t understand.

At the moment, the main one is SASS. It seems to be “winning the battle” of the pre-processors so I guess once again, it’s time to make a promise to look at using it in anger.

I can certainly relate to this. There’s always an element of learning on the job because it’s practical. However, there’s an associated risk and stress that I’m keen to minimise as I’m like many, there’s nothing as pant browning as taking on a job with the intention of learning the bits you need to and then finding an out of date bit of code or a blog post that’s not actually as useful as you need or a plugin that no longer does what you thought it did.

Take some time to evaluate what you actually know and could apply to a project if it were handed to you tomorrow and what you might need to brush up on.

It could be the difference between missing a deadline or botching something because you don’t have time to fully learn what you’re doing.

James Young

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