Last year I set myself a few personal and professional targets on my 2012 todo list and it turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag in the end. Not the end of the world, but as all of my school reports were keen to point out – “could do better if I applied myself”.

The reason I set myself a fairly flexible todo list was because I felt a wider target would be easier to hit. In the end, it turns out a lot happens in a year and things change and it’s difficult to remember what was going on all that time back. While I’m generally happy with my personal and professional progress this year, I think I can do more but not in such a broad format so I’m going to try some “life-hacking” to improve my day to day personal and professional well-being.

The plan

I’m going to do something in a 2 week stint starting Jan 1st, it might be something work related, it might be personal, fitness or diet related or anything in-between. If it has a positive impact – it stays and after 2 weeks, I’ll keep doing that and add the next thing. If it doesn’t, I’ll stop doing that thing.

I think 2 weeks is enough time to get a feel for something without it becoming too big a commitment that I stop. It’s not meant to be a year of punishing myself.

Things I’m going to try

As you’ll be able to see, this isn’t really a “I’m going to be a better web designer” type list. I tried that last year and it’s too vague and to be honest, it’s something I do anyway.

Looking back over the last year has been interesting for sure but I’ve found that without personal balance just dedicating work and evening time to “being a designer” has ironically made me less effective and less interested in the industry and with all the handbags of the design world on Twitter this year, in need of a breather.

My aim with these little tweaks / hacks is to get that balance back while trying something either new or productive that could enhance my life. Variety is the spice of life right…?

First up, January

I’m not back at work until the 7th so it makes sense to try something that’s going to be easy to fit in anytime just to get into the swing of it so I’m going for:

January 2013

Anything you think I should try and introduce to my life for at least 2 weeks? Leave a comment or tell me on Twitter

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