It’s always going to be difficult when you work for yourself as a freelancer to get traffic to your site and of course generate leads and enquiries for your services as a result.

If you’ve not already thought about doing so, you really should be looking at design galleries as a means of getting more visitors to your site and what to do with them once they’ve come to see what you’ve designed.

As a freelancer, you’re alone in a sea of competition

It’s a tough market freelancing, the common route to success and recognition is to start very local and target potential clients in the local area then expand from there. These days however, I find that I’m getting as many requests for my services from global clients as local.

More eyeballs means more enquiries

List yourself on the CSS and design galleries.

There are hundreds of galleries and aggregators listing sites like mine and yours and you should really consider using them to promote your freelance business. Agencies use them to look at what the competition is up to and clients often find these sites because they’re looking for designs they like when they’re considering updating their own web presence.

It’s quite common to refer potential clients to CSS galleries when speaking with them about what they are looking for in a new site. I know I do. Normally it’s to get a better idea of sites they like and what they like about them. It’s always easier to ask for a list of sites they like the look of (not to copy them of course!) so you can get a feel for their requirements.

If you’re on these CSS galleries yourself, then it stands to reason that you have the potential to be seen by someone who wouldn’t have otherwise come across your site.

Top tips for good galleries to appear on

Naturally there are so many to choose from, it’s easy to just submit yourself to every directory you can find but here’s some well respected and well visited ones to get you going.

  1. CSS Mania
  2. W3C Sites
  3. CSS Drive
  4. Design Shack
  5. CSS Vault
  6. CSS Beauty
  7. Best CSS Gallery
  8. CSS Design Yorkshire – Yes, it’s a bit geographically specific but I’m in Yorkshire!
  9. CSS Bloom
  10. Unmatched Style

Want a little more choice, why not spend a few mins looking at the excellent Smashing Magazine’s list of the Crème de la crème of CSS galleries.

A final note

Before you put your site in front lots of new visitors, do make sure it is actually something you’re happy with and want people to see. Don’t have lots of missing content or “coming soon” pages. Take your time before you submit to have a complete and working site!

James Young

Written by James Young

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