I’ve just been watching Simon Collinson’s Creative Mornings talk¬†and recently read Frank Chimero’s Digital Jubilee and they’re a couple of people among many who talk about feeling overwhelmed digitally.

Too many feeds, too many tweets, too many emails, too many conference talks, too many blog posts, too much of everything.

I don’t get it. I can never get enough, I don’t care that my Google Reader account perpetually has over 1000 unread items. It’s just a number. Hell, I could hide it if I wanted but I really don’t care. My reader is overflowing with things because I subscribe to a lot of sites.

Not just web design feeds but scientific articles, National Geographic, running and training, and a lot of other general news and opinion pieces. It helps me to maintain a wide base of knowledge about the world around me. I like having a tiny selection of the knowledge and thoughts of the world at my fingertips whenever I need 5 minutes or I’m waiting for a bus or train, I can read about a medical breakthrough, a scientific discovery or the latest responsive widget gallery slider jQuery super-slider photo lightbox if I really want.

I can’t picture a day where I would want to throw all that in the bin.

James Young

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