Finally we’re starting to see what web developers everywhere have been hoping and pushing for over the last few years – big sites telling their users to upgrade from Internet Explorer 6.

It’s interesting to see that a couple of big Norwegian sites have actively published messages which display to their visitors who are viewing their sites in IE6 which advise them to upgrade their browsers. We’re all well aware of the inherent issues surrounding developing for IE6 now that web standards have moved on so much in recent years and browsers are, by and large, vastly improved.

If you’re still not sure about continuing support for IE6 when you build sites, here’s some interesting reading about these developments to give you food for thought along with a simple means to create the message you’re now starting to see on a range of sites which I wrote about (and there’s some example files to play around with).

Stop supporting IE6

  1. The Register – Norway mobilises against IE6
  2. C Johansen – A bit more info from the Register post
  3. IE6 Do not want!
  4. Dan Cederholm – How I might deal with IE6

What will you do about IE6?

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If you’re interested in a simple script that will allow you to notify users that they might wish to consider upgrading their IE6 browser to something a little more modern, you can read my tutorial and download the relevant files here: A simple IE6 upgrade script

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