I’m in a post holiday slump, there’s no getting away from it. I just had a wonderful week skiing in the Alps with my wife and 3 year old son. Now I’m back at work and I feel blue.

I guess the #IdeasOfMarch came around at just the right time as I’m at that awkward point where I’m waiting for client signoff and approval for 3 projects, I have little to do but wait and “catch up” with what I’ve missed in the last week where I didn’t have WiFi and data roaming (at £3.07/mb that was disabled immediately!) to the net.

Ideas Of March perhaps isn’t intended to provide too much motivation for me but while I do blog regularly it’s often sporadic and I get on a bit of a run of posts where I just throw my thoughts onto the page then don’t post again for a week or two.

However, I’ve come back and my mind is blank. Completely blank. However, I like blogging and the lean weeks only serve to make the productive ones more rewarding and enjoyable. My main reason for writing is that it acts as a brain dump in many ways. Things I want to say but that don’t fit on Twitter or on other sites. My thoughts on my site.

I didn’t realise how much I needed a break that was actually relaxing. My last holiday away was over a year ago and a combination of terrible 2’s toddler behaviour and 30°C Spanish heat, I came back more frazzled than when I went.

This time was different. As a family we had a great time, the holiday company delivered what is possibly the best demonstration of doing the simple things right I’ve ever seen (as a result, a great experience) so the return to the coalface is perhaps a little underwhelming and I actually feel a bit angry at myself that I’m still reading the same stuff I was a few weeks back as if the holiday is already a distant memory. I think I’m probably going to take the opportunity to do some housekeeping of Twitter follows and reading subscriptions while I’m at it.

The catching up bit really didn’t take long this time. I realised for the most part I don’t care any more. I’ve been totally immersed digesting the opinions of hundreds of designers and developers and while I’m careful to make up my own mind about things, the web community sometimes feels like you have thousands of voices competing for your attention.

Dribbble shots, Tweets, Blog Posts, “In case you missed it yesterday” messages and so much more. My mind had switched all that off last week and enjoyed a Homer Simpson like week of peace and quiet of the brain. Ideas of March is just the tonic I need to ease back into posting.

The post holiday blues – You can go away now, I’m back on the proverbial horse and normal service will be resumed.

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