I recently wrote a post about the rise of tablets reviewing some significant changes in the profile of an average user on our Cutting Edge Knives site and how tablet traffic now dominates visits compared to just 12-18 months ago.

For me to be able to dig into our stats a little and see how the design challenges we face when we’re deciding on what to do next and it challenged a lot of what I see on a day to day basis on Twitter etc because there, I often only see a vague highlight or headline such as “going RWD increased our conversion rate 300%” but without significant background which would be so helpful to the community at large.

It’s easy to understand why in some cases, but I’m sure we could do more to periodically post some actual data about a project or part of one where you’ve tested something. Not all clients are averse to sharing details even if you end up masking their name or commercially sensitive information there’s a lot more you could do to add to the pool of useful information out there.

This is a wonderful example of how a responsive update impacted a clients project:

Case study: http://t.co/04fFykUQhc and latest traffic data: http://t.co/PzaxnpJevC

— Chris Ferdinandi (@ChrisFerdinandi) October 30, 2013

Is there something you could share that has real data we could learn from?

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