Social footprints

I’m setting off on a mission to find out where I exist online and perform some social housekeeping.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got an account registered on a lot of sites these days, ones I might have signed up to so I could find out more, or that might have looked useful at the time or just to register my welcomebrand “name” so it’s mine.

I wrote the other day about people who feel digitally obliged and while I don’t really understand how people can be overpowered by too much information, I do feel there’s a lack of return from keeping registered on some sites when I just don’t use them and I’m keen to bring a better sense of order to my online presence by deleting accounts I don’t use and to standardise the ones I do because at the moment I’m all over the place with different avatars and profile descriptions.

My plan is to find my scattered profiles and either keep or kill them. If I keep them, I’m going to write a standard bio and keep a centralised list on Google Docs of where I exist online.

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