You see it on many sites – comment on Hacker News, comment on Branch etc.

It’s easy enough to understand thinking behind this sort of thing (especially the simple traffic gaining motivation behind Hacker News etc) but it also feels a lot like the site owner either can’t be bothered to manage the unfortunate spam problems on their site or they don’t want to.

To comment on this topic on CSS Wizardry, I’m being asked to:

  1. Go away from the site where I’ve read the article so I have to hit back and forward (or open in another tab) should I wish to reference anything while commenting
  2. Probably then register on a new 3rd party site (some like Hacker News don’t have a quick Facebook/Twitter signup button so that’s a few extra steps to register on a 3rd party site)
  3. Ask to “join” a conversation (in the case of Branch)
  4. Spend a while typing a longer, more detailed reply/comment (again, on Branch) only to find there’s a fairly short character (750) limit

Not a fan of this new way of contributing. It’s a pain, it feels like I’m being punished for the sins of spammers and god forbid I want to do any of this on mobile, it’s too fiddly.

This is a blog post because what I hope are constructive thoughts wouldn’t fit into a Branch comment thread.

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