The distinctive homepage scrolling layout

Since 2011 when we conceived of and built the site and business idea it has grown steadily and generates a monthly profit that allows us to continue experimenting with eCommerce and customer service techniques in a real environment using real money and dealing with real customers.

We felt the best way to prove beyond any doubt we not only know how to design and build great websites but also how to support and grow the businesses that are behind the code was to do it ourselves.

The first steps once we’d established what sort of product we wanted to sell was to get a site up and running within 3 weeks. Offroadcode are a Gold Certified Partner of Umbraco so we always work on this CMS platform and by opting for a content first, rapid prototyping approach we were able to create a site that had products online and available for purchase in a very short period of time.

Some reading about the process

A product detail page – writing all of our content has been a massive win for organic search traffic

Design and business growth

It’s not been an entirely smooth journey, and we’ve learnt a great deal along the way and ultimately grown and improved not just elements of the website design but created a wide range of tools and workflows behind the site and the business to ensure we not only deliver a great service but that we do so as efficiently as possible.

How to improve conversions by 25%

It’s easy for big companies to A/B test minute detail but when you have more modest traffic, you’ve got to be a bit creative with research and testing. Polling the web design community turned out to be a very effective way for us to research cart abandonment and the results of a simple survey led to a massive improvement in our sales and a guest post on the well respected Web Design Tuts Plus network.

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Talking about the project

One of the best things for me personally is that creating this company and project has also acted as a catalyst to get me speaking in public. Something I’d always feared in the past. I’ve now delivered a talk a talk about our business at Hybrid Conference in front of nearly 200 people and also at a meetup environment and it’s my intention to continue speaking at future conferences. For those interested, you can also view my talk slides.

What’s next?

We continue to grow and adapt to new visitor demographics and look forward to the many challenges this business will create for us but as we face and overcome them, it helps us get a better understanding of how we can best help our clients and their businesses too.