The Hillsong.com Homepage

An Offroacode client, we worked for more than a year with the Hillsong team to create a large scale Umbraco site that was to form the CMS core for their many international church sites which all had their own look and feel and were maintained semi-autonomously.

Our role at Offroadcode was two-fold, first and foremost was using our extensive Umbraco experience to create a new CMS architecture for the site to allow a central management setup but also where their eCommerce and many social media feeds could be curated, managed and translated into many languages.┬áThe second part of the project was my role in building the adaptive HTML/CSS front end from flat visuals supplied by Hillsong’s design team.


A key component of the site is its flexibility, one of the main requirements for the “brand pages” which promote their content, conferences and other interests was that content editors be able to create “rows” of varying styles and using different design elements. As such, any row could appear on the brand pages of the site in any place.

We made entirely modular elements and load in row specific stylesheets before we merge and compress them on the fly to improve performance.

The store and social elements of the site also provided a significant design and build challenge largely due to their functionality and modal window based design. For me, building such a massive number of pages and styles was a significant management challenge and keeping on top of ongoing changes for more than a year!


Hillsong.com eCommerce store homepage

The distinctive modal window view of a store product

A blog post in the modal display window

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